Judge Jane Markey has served for nearly eighteen years on this State's 2nd highest court, the Michigan Court of Appeals (COA), the "farm club" for the Michigan Supreme Court (MSC). Five of the seven current Justices, Robert Young, Stephen Markman, Michael Cavanagh, Brian Zahra, and Chief Justice Marilyn Kelly all served on the COA before ascending to the Supreme Court.

There are 28 judges of the COA. Like the Supreme Court, the COA sits state wide. The judges hear cases by sitting in panels of three. The COA holds court in Lansing, Detroit, Grand Rapids and Marquette. COA decisions are binding throughout the state.

The Michigan Supreme Court only hears about 5% of appeals from the COA. Consequently, well over 90% of appeals in Michigan end in the COA.


Judge Markey has participated in nearly 4,900 decisions, all of which are open to the public. Her decisions demonstrate a well-developed record of applying a conservative legal philosophy. Judge Markey has ruled on all types of cases, from murder, to contracts, to tax law, to divorce and so on. She has the experience and proven track record essential for this State's highest court.

Almost as important, Judge Markey is widely known throughout the state-- bench, bar, and litigants alike--as smart, prepared, courteous, consistent, and impartial. She is highly respected both professionally and personally. Her nearly 22 years on the bench, including four on the Grand Rapids District Court, have taught her how to build consensus and collegiality among judges with differing viewpoints, another crucial trait for the high court. An incisive intellect, excellent command of the law, wit, and pleasant demeanor are her trademarks.


Judge Markey began her judicial career in 1990 when she was elected to the Grand Rapids District Court, becoming only the 2nd woman to serve on that trial court.

In 1994 Judge Markey ran for election to the Michigan Court of Appeals, finishing 2nd out of 20. She has since been re-elected in 2002 and 2008.

Coincidentally, before taking the bench, Judge Markey first served as a research attorney and law clerk at the Court of Appeals. She then entered private practice for nearly 10 years with the prominent law firms of Baxter & Hammond, then Dykema Gosset, where she was a successful litigator throughout the state handling both civil tort and commercial litigation.

After graduating with high honors from Michigan State University with degrees in Spanish/Secondary Education and English and before attending law school, Judge Markey spent 5 years working in the non-legal world, an experience which gives her strong common-sense, depth and maturity.

Judge Markey has a long record of professional and community involvement. She has served on several Boards of Directors, received numerous awards, and is a sought after speaker and teacher in both the private and legal sectors.

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